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The ancient roman baths of “Bacucco” are part of our company, they are located almost opposite the spa's “Lettighetta”" side of the “commenda” road.
The ruins are visible from the provincial and majestic testify fully the importance of this bath. Near the ruins is the small hamlet called Bacucco, which was built on a Roman building once. In past centuries there were several robberies, we can find remnants of these wonderful spa also in the city of Viterbo, including five massive granite columns, two to Piazza del Plebiscite to support our lions (one with the palm and the Ferento without), two in the cathedral square and alongside a former church of Almadiani Via Ascenzi.
The exterior of the majestic ruin, considering the over two thousand years, remains quite good, consisting of tufa and brick square ribbed.
The Roman Bath “Bacucco” has various sources hyper and the presence of large prismatic tubes around large niches suggests that the important thing was to ruin a “laconicum” or “sudatio” , with various cells "Calidario. This room is what today is reproduced in excellent form in the therapeutic “Sweat” natural.
Michelangelo, when he came to Viterbo to treat “bad stone”, visited the ruins of Roman baths “Bacucco” and certainly impressed by the bold geometries, drew two sketches in pen and first wrote of his hand: “Plan of Bath Viterbo”, and second “How is el dicto in Bath”. The original sketches are preserved in the museum of the French town of Lille from Vicar and a copy of the same photo can be seen at the Museo Civico di Viterbo.
In the “History of the city of Viterbo” by Feliciano Bussi it hints at an important discovery, says that even the famous Venus of Medici, was found in these ancient baths of Viterbo district.

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