Method of production

In our dairy milk produced is processed only the herd business.
The cheese obtained following methods guaranteeing high quality standards, is converted from raw milk, so it is a complete food, rich in calcium, vitamins and proteins, recommended for people of all ages.
All cheese both fresh artisan cheeses are produced, the result of ancient cheesemaking traditions and genuine love for food.
The authenticity is ensured by traceability through the supply chain business.
In particular, cheese, mature slowly in a cave dug out of tufa stone typical of our land.
In this fascinating cave forms of cheese, are treated and pampered with love, until the complete maturation.

Monte Jugo Goat Cheese
sia l’abbondanza del latte di capra per tuo cibo e per cibo dei tuoi figli e delle tue serventi, simbolo del tuo benessere
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