Monte Jugo Farm

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The farm Mount Jugo is located 5 km north of Viterbo and is managed by Ciambella family for three generations.
It is in an enchanting valley of the territory of Viterbo, where you can still see the remains of a spa and two Roman temples.
Viterbo view from Monte Jugo
In the Monte Jugo Farm are reared five hundred Saanen goats of high genetic merit, fed only with forage and grain production on its own.
The company Monte Jugo adopted a strict system of control and animal welfare and product quality through constant collaboration with research and experimentation.
The company characterized by perfect knowledge in the livestock, dairy production combines an advanced, with the latest technology updates. These elements combined with an effective system of cleanliness and order, permit processing milk, raw milk exclusively.
Breeding, feeding, milking, processing, maturation, and packaging are a perfect and authentic system of industry.

The short chain stems from the awareness that producers and consumers share common objectives, achievable through new forms of encounter and exchange, viable thanks to the ratio of direct sales.

We have goats for breeding under reservation.

The advantages of short chain are:

• Fair return to producers
• Reduction of environmental costs resulting from the distribution
• Improved product traceability
• Awareness and appreciation of its territory and what it can offer
• Consumption of healthy products and from certain origin

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