Teaching Farm

Azienda Agricola Monte Jugo The farm is an effective tool to promote values related to the environment, to healthy, aware, agriculture and rural areas.
The proposed program, from the farm Mount Jugo, embrace the themes of food, environmental and rural, through experiences that develop the skill and scientific reflection.
Visits are differentiated and oriented so as to perceive the diversity of products, cultivation techniques and agricultural landscapes, and the many expressions of biodiversity.
Each visit is an opportunity to contact a "hot" and directed with animals, plants, open space, jobs for farmers and rural traditions of the world full of emotions, the opportunity for a journey to discover the life in the countryside and agriculture real, an extraordinary natural laboratory available to teachers for the overall success of their teaching and families to find moments of relaxation.
Behind the consumption of food and the beauty of a rural landscape, there's an endless story of experience, working knowledge, skill and creativity of farmers.
In a day out, the farm Monte Jugo, is to visit the barn, milking and help feed the animals and, finally, the preparation of cheese.
Lessons learned in business can be completed by tasting the milk and other dairy products.

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